Frequent questions???

1. Salma, are you an independent escort?
 Yes, I am an independent escort and this is my official website. I advertise in several international directories, including, Lagalerí
I have the same name in all ads, and my ads are
100% verified and updated twice a month.
My website
It is verified by the company
That I recently hired to promote myself better.
2. Where are you from?
I am from Venezuela, a mix of my Venezuelan mother and my Arab (Lebanese) father.
3. How old are you?
 30 years.
4. How tall are you and what is your size?
I'm 1.57 cm tall.
Body measurements: 92/ 64/ 94 cm.
Bra 34 DD
Panty S
4. What does one (1) hour of intimate encounter
service include?
Includes: grooming, one (1) vaginal sexual intercourse, oral sex, kisses, reciprocal
caresses and an erotic massage.
But before this, a pleasant conversation, if possible a glass of wine, a bath in the jacuzzi. Everything that can relax you and make you feel comfortable to enjoy the experience.
 Everything is done with a condom.
The same for a 2-hour intimate service, the only
change would be that two sexual relations could be had if the client wants and can. And we would have more time to enjoy the experience.
It is important to take into account that although the client may or may not have sex, due to stress or a health problem, the value of the hour and my company is the same.
The escort service for dinners, bachelor parties, dancing with lingerie or special attire at parties, or going out on a yacht, with or without sex, have the same value.
If the client is not looking for sex for these outings and is only looking to be accompanied, the value of my time as a companion is the same.
The escort service for weddings, or company parties or some special event. It has the same value per hour. (It depends on the hours, we can reach an agreement that benefits both of us)
For trips or if you want to be accompanied for several days in Panama City, consult in advance. Since I have to schedule myself with my personal activities (work and studies)
5. Do you serve women?
I only serve MEN.
If you have any other questions, send them to my email so I can post them here:
Please note that service is quicker by email or by filling out the form to request an appointment. You can leave your WhatsApp number if you would like to be contacted by it.
I kindly ask that you read the “my rules” section before requesting an appointment!
Thank you for reading this section.
 With love, Salma ✨.