Nov 17 2023

What is a GFE Girlfriend experience

¿What is a professional GFE or GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE?
 GFE GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE means it is a companion that provides an experience of how a girlfriend, or a luxury companion, they call it Spain.
In other words she is a self-confident girl who impresses with her beauty, attractive, intelligent and interesting, who has the ability and interest to give you attention without haste and calmly. She seeks to share the moment in a pleasant way. You don't necessarily pay for sex. You pay for the time and company of the model or escort. "Be careful, the service does include sex" but it is not an exclusively sex service. Having clarified this point, I continue explaining that a GFE escort; She is a woman who has appropriate behavior for going out in public.
 A woman with class, educated, refined, well dressed and elegant. Normally most GFE Escorts are university students or have a professional degree.
They speak several languages, they are cultured, they like and are passionate about reading, they are very interesting women, they have an excellent lifestyle, they practice sports, they stay in shape and they like to travel the world. And the most important thing is that they enjoy what they do, as is my personal case. I enjoy what I do. And I always connect with the best people. Successful men looking to have healthy fun, mostly single or some others looking for a getaway from routine.
The personal care of a GFE is first class, they go to the gynecologist every month.
Health is always a priority.
Definitely, their availability is not all day or at all hours because they have a life, for example: they are professionals who work in a doctor's office, in an office of a company, or they are doctors, nurses, psychologists, publicists, models, lawyers, etc. .
Commonly single, but some married with children, etc. And they do this for fun, I remember a small anecdote in Mexico City a while ago I met a gynecologist who had a husband and children and she was a professional GFE. She did it for fun. But to not get out of control and be clear that it was a paid experience. She did it professionally and she liked to dress up. Her eyes shone when she told me about the experience, I asked her friend why you do it, she told me because my husband is boring and this getaway gives me extra to endure it. I was shocked and thought; If men do it, (because women don't) hahaha! Well well,
We are not here to judge anyone's life, but to live
life to the fullest and each person does it in their own way.
Now you have an idea of what a professional GFE is.
I await your comment 👇🏻
With love, Salma ✨