Nov 01 2023

My ideal date...

The ideal date always begins with a pleasant and deep conversation about interesting topics...
 I like intelligent men, who have clear objectives and goals, and boy do they achieve them! ...These are the most interesting... Those who are passionate about everything they do, those who take care of their personal image as if they were "professional athletes" those who apply a good perfume, know and are clear that a man has to impress a woman starting with his smell and his wonderful chivalry. If he wears a suit, wow, a man wearing a suit turns me on. I love it, I must admit! Well-dressed men are always one step ahead with women... Know this, dears...
 I call this type of man “Men of High Value” because they have kindness rooted in their spirit, they live to serve, they are generous and above all they breathe success everywhere, their way of being and “Self-confidence” is completely inspiring and sexy at the same time!
 I love them! The most interesting thing is that they have a way of turning you on without touching you and without talking about sex. They are fascinating. They know perfectly well that you do not make advances to a woman or speak vulgarly to her because it is not necessary... I can even say that education, cordiality and respect in a man make his personality more wonderful and more attractive. Hey, they have a "GIFT" for treating women like GODDESSES that makes my skin crawl just thinking about them. They like to be pleased, but they love to give pleasure and make women feel good... It is a divine encounter, an exciting experience. , unforgettable and wonderful!
 These are the best quotes without a doubt! I love these genuine connections!
 I have had the pleasure of enjoying these types of men, hahaha I love them and they know it!!! ...They are and will always be my ideal date...My favorites...❤️...with love, Salma✨
Ralph: 2023-11-10 18:38:42
You look wanderful and gorgeous and very professional.
Salma: 2023-11-17 16:42:46
Thanks Ralph, I love giving my best. And leave a positive mark on others. That we all enjoy it is key to the success of the undercover!
Víctor: 2023-11-17 20:28:12
Eres hermosa Salma, quedé encantado contigo.